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Results Driven Media

We use the powerful demographics of social media and Facebook Advertising to place our sponsors, broadcast programs and news worthy content directly in front of 100% of the right people. This new media science is called “Narrow Casting” and is extremely effective.


Proven Technology with Award Winning Talent

We have been producing audio content for the the internet and social media since 2009. We use professional equipment and skill to make our shows fun and easy to listen to, and share and enjoy week after week. We have created special Facebook audiences and marketing processes that work, and are able to build new audiences and partners for each new show..


We have award winning audio commercial sound design, script writing, and media production capabilities, that can be to your service. Our experts have worked for, and with organizations such as Focus on The Family, The Navigators, Mathew Ward, Intellitec College, the Truth Network and others. We would love to help you with your next project


Broadcasting Excellence

We have been broadcasting and streaming to the internet since 2009. We have profession grade studio production equipment and the high-quality production expertise you would expect to create that exceptional audio listening experience.

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